Radiesse® – What Is It?

Radiesse® has been approved by the FDA as an injectable filler to treat deep wrinkles or lines around the mouth or nose that includes marionette lines, smile lines and the nasolabial folds. Radiesse® is synthetic that is made out of calcium hydroxyapatite. This ingredient is a substance that is inorganic and is much like bone. There are no animal products that are used in its production, so there is no need to test for allergies.

Radiesse® behaves like a cosmetic filler for the first three months after treatment. It is used to plump skin and reduce age lines. After about three months, the microspheres in Radiesse® help to stimulate the growth of natural collagen and actually cause the development of new tissue for longer lasting results of as much as two years. Radiesse® is useful in treating one of the effects of HIV, called facial lipoatrophy, deficiencies in the vocal cords, maxillofacial and oral defects and chin dimples and scars.

Radiesse® – How it works?

Radiesse injections are administered just under the skin’s surface in the area that’s lost fat. This treatment can allow for visible improvement and offers increases in the thickness of the skin in treated areas. Results can be seen after the first treatment. While Radiesse cannot correct the cause of the fat loss in the face, it can improve the look of treated areas.

Radiesse® – Ingredients

Radiesse® is a hydrogel that is injectable. It has small calcium hydroxyapatite particles, which are naturally found in the human body as teeth and bones. Radiesse® is a material that cannot be easily broken apart by your body, which makes it longer lasting than other products. This product contains no animal products and is never tested on animals.

Since the ingredients found in Radiesse® also can be found in the body, there is no risk for allergies and it’s not necessary to pre-test. This is one of the benefits of Radiesse® over other types of skin fillers.

Who Should Consider Radiesse® Injection?

Those who should consider the Radiesse® treatment might include those who are showing signs of aging in the face to treat marionette lines, smile lines and other wrinkles on the face. Radiesse® is also an effective alternative to surgeries with implants and can fill in the cheeks, chin or nose. Patients who struggle with insufficient vocal cords or maxillofacial or oral defects that might include cystic and periodontal defects will also likely do well with Radiesse®treatments. Since this is a filler that contains natural substances that are naturally found in the body, there is no need for allergy testing.

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