Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is designed to help any individual with his or her specific weight loss goals, whether to lose 100 pounds or those last stubborn ten pounds. It is especially beneficial for those who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher because it can reduce the risk of other serious medical conditions. Our trained medical providers provide treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

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Weight Loss Clinic Hours

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B12 shots are included when on a weight loss program.


Phentermine $100 (New Patient) $75 (Follow up)

hCG $350 (1 shot per day- monthly supply)

B12 Shots 100 (Series of 5) 20 (Each)

*hCG price is for the entire four week program.


 Phentermine is a medication that is a stimulant class appetite suppressant. It has been around for many decades, and therefore its safety profile is well established. Although it does have risk of adverse health effects and possible side effects, such risks are generally low. However, since such small risks exist, phentermine should only be taken after consultation with a prescribing physician.

Phentermine (or Adipex) acts on the central nervous system, causing release of neurochemicals in the brain that signal satiety. With such signaling, phentermine acts as an appetite suppressant. While on a Phentermine weight loss program, it is advisable that the person also adheres to a specific nutritious and balanced diet, as well as increase physical activity in order to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

The appetite suppressant Phentermine (Adipex) can lose effectiveness over time, since the body builds a tolerance to it slowly. At first, it is advisable to start at half dose, and later increase to full dose in order to delay this buildup of tolerance to phentermine. After a few months, it is usually necessary to stop the phentermine altogether in order to avoid loss of effectiveness as well as dependence on the medication.

To lose weight with Phentermine and keep it off for good, remove the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary, and instead, focus on establishing a Phentermine food plan which will maximize the effects of Phentermine while also setting you up for long term weight loss. The key to your Phentermine food plan is just that, planning! This means planning ahead with meal ideas, prepared snacks and a kitchen full of healthy food to make it easier for you to start adopting healthy habits and finding ways to incorporate the foods you love into your eating schedule. Read on for tips to create your own perfect Phentermine food plan