hCG Weight Loss

What is hCG?

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is the hormone that is produced during pregnancy in females. There are a variety of uses of hCG some of which include health, weight loss and fertility for both men and women. Even though hCG was discovered in the 1920’s in the late 1950’s A.T. Simeons, M.D. at the Salvador Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy exposed that it can be used as an aid to burn fat when combined with a low calorie diet to maximize weight loss, and to reset the body’s metabolism.

How does hCG aid weight loss?

Studies performed as early as the 1950’s, proved that hCG injections encourage the elimination of fat cells while on a low calorie restricted diet. hCG injections, used with or without the addition of vitamin B12, enable the body to distribute its effects on fat cells rather than muscle tissue. This allows the body to retain lean muscle without taking any much needed nutrition from other functioning cells. This forces the body to take from fat stores enabling weight loss while on the calorie restricted diet known as the hCG Diet Protocol.

What is the hCG Diet Protocol?

The human body is composed of several different fats. Some of these fats are essential, provide nutrition and protect vital organs from injury. Excess fat however, is a problem as it is commonly stored in areas around the hips, thighs, stomach and similar areas throughout the body. It is this excess fat that is targeted by the hCG diet program because it has been found that administering a series of hCG injections in conjunction with consuming a low calorie diet results mobilization of this excess fat and as a result, rapid and sustainable weight loss.

The hCG program is designed to work by restricting your diet to 800-1200 calories per day. However, this program utilizes non-essential fat for energy while sparing essential fat and muscle tissue through the use of hCG injections.

Daily caloric consumption on the hCG diet includes small portions of protein, fruit and vegetables that are consumed at several times throughout the day. As a result, if you are dedicated to the program, most people can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat per day. Injecting with daily doses of the hCG hormone is essential to the success of the program as the hCG helps to ensure muscle is retained during the weight loss period. The usage of the ratio of the micro-nutrients plus the injectable hCG over the 4-8 week diet period enables the metabolism to “reset” itself. The metabolism adjusts to the hCG and kick-starts the burning of fat cells. Most of the weight loss should occur during the four to eight week period, and once the diet comes to an end, the metabolism should remain functioning as it was during the diet – at optimum performance.

The hCG Diet Phases

There are four phases to the hCG diet program and each must be followed for successful weight loss.

Phase One

The first phase is called the “Loading Phase” which encourages high caloric consumption in an effort to build up fat stores. This is often the most enjoyable stage for many people. The loading phase is done during the first 2 days of taking hCG injections, but only for the first 2 days and then you begin Phase Two.

Phase Two

This phase can last from 23 to 40 days and may be the most challenging part of the program. This is because it is during phase 2 that calories are drastically restricted and even though hCG is believed to help suppress the appetite, many people eat for reasons unrelated to hunger. Stress and social settings are among some of the more common reasons to eat outside of the planned program. An acute awareness of these triggers provides a better opportunity for success. For example, if you find that you are an emotional eater, avoiding any stressful situations or utilizing relaxation techniques when stress is unavoidable may make it easier for you to stick to the diet.

Phase Three

The third phase requires a couple of additional weeks on the program. This is the stabilization phase during which you no longer inject the hCG hormone but you still weigh yourself daily to ensure that your weight loss is remaining stable. You will receive specific guidance as to what foods to eat on each phase when you begin the hCG diet program.

Phase Four

The final phase is also often referred to as the “maintenance phase”. This is because rather than let you go back to your old eating habits and experience rebound weight gain as a result, the hCG diet program teaches you how to maintain your weight loss over the long-term. It is a doorway to a healthier diet and lifestyle which, while much less restrictive than phase 2 and 3, recognizes that going back to the diet that made you overweight in the first place is not conducive to your long-term success.

How does the hCG Diet work?

It may seem strange that hCG, a hormone produced by pregnant women to nourish their growing baby, can actually assist weight loss. The fact is, that the secret to the effectiveness of hCG for weight loss is actually due to the very role that it plays during pregnancy. If a pregnant mothers food intake is not sufficient to nourish both herself and her baby, hCG hormone will stimulate the body to utilize any fat stores the mother has as an alternative source of nutrition. By injecting yourself with hCG hormone daily during a period of low calorie consumption, you mimic this scenario. The result is that you begin burning your excess fat stores and effectively lose weight.

There has been some speculation as to whether or not the hCG injections are essential to this process, with many experts claiming that consuming such a low calorie diet would result in weight loss without the need of hCG. This may certainly be the case however there are many distinct advantages to injecting with hCG while attempting such a low calorie restricted diet. First and foremost, without the use of hCG injections, just 500-800 calories per day would be considered much too low to be safe. You would feel tired, weak and generally unwell. With the use of hCG your body metabolizes excess fat stores and burns them for energy, thus supplementing your dietary intake, preserving your energy and improving the safety of the diet.


Additional Benefits of hCG Injections


There are many claimed benefits to the hCG program, in particular, the promise of a higher metabolism. Metabolism is simply defined as the number of calories burned at rest. There are many factors that affect your metabolism. Muscle integrity, genetics and growth hormone levels can significantly increase a resting metabolism that eagerly consumes fat throughout the day. Having a good metabolism is a significant advantage when attempting to lose or maintain your weight as it means your body is effectively burning calories.


Increased testosterone levels have been reported in men who’ve participated in the hCG program. Testosterone is one of the most valuable hormones in the human body and is responsible for sex characteristics, muscle growth and virility.

No Hunger Pains

Many participants of the hCG diet manage the calorie restrictions without hunger pains commonly associated with other diet plans. This is due to the appetite suppressant of the hCG hormone which appears to be very effective and increases your likelihood of success. Exactly how hCG reduces your appetite is not fully understood but this is a significant advantage to using the injections in conjunction with the low calorie diet.


Low cost is another attractive benefit of the plan and long term, high cost treatments are not necessary. This is because perhaps the biggest advantage of the program is that there appears to be no residual weight gain after you stop injecting with the hCG. Normal, sensible eating should allow you to enjoy the results of the diet well after you finish the program.

Is hCG Safe?

hCG injections have several uses, the main ones being fertility aid and weight loss aid. hCG is often given to women undergoing IVF in order to stimulate ovulation. These injections have also been used for over 50 years to assist weight loss in both men and women. There are many positive reviews of hCG injections for weight loss, both from dieters and prescribing physicians. Many experts agree that hCG injections provide a safe and effective contribution to a low calorie diet for weight reduction. The fact that hCG injections haven’t been approved by the FDA for use in weight loss does not mean that they are unsafe.

While some people may experience some side effects of the hCG diet program, many report no side effects at all. Perhaps this is because the actual dose of hCG hormone used on the hCG diet is much lower than normal levels of the hormone produced during pregnancy.

Some of the reported side effects of hCG hormone include mild bloating, stomach and pelvic pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting and shortness of breath. If you experience any of these side effects or have any additional concerns you should consult with a physician.