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Glytone was born in the United States in 1943 when two pharmacists were seeking a new product formulation to improve the appearance of skin and created Glycolic Acid skincare products. Acquired by the Pierre Fabre Group, the original Glytone formulations have been enhanced with the expertise of the Pierre Fabre company. Today, Glytone offers 8 different skincare systems “Exclusive to Physicians” that provide targeted solutions for skin health through the combination of in-office procedures and at-home treatments.

Glytone has been transforming skin for more than 20 years. With dazzling results from carefully crafted formulations, Glytone knows just what their patients need for beautiful, youthful skin. With a special focus on difficult to manage imperfections, including hyperpigmentation and photoaging, Glytone products are highly effective while minimizing irritation.

Glytone skincare systems:

  • Professional Peel Systems (for aging, hyperpigmented, acne-prone skin and redness)

  • Rejuvenating (for aging skin and peel preparation/maintenance)

  • Age-defying (for premature aging)

  • Brightening (for hyperpigmented skin)

  • Acne Therapy (for acne)

  • Body Therapy (for keratosis pilaris, dry, rough skin)

  • Sun Protection (for daily UVA & UVB protection)

Transforming solutions for beautiful and healthy looking skin!