Laser Teeth Whitening


How does it work?

Laser Teeth Whitening treatment starts with a light brushing of the front teeth to be bleached. Then a fine coating of a special coating of a gel with Vitamin E and Aloe is applied to the gums and lips. This coating protects your gums and lips. Then we coat your teeth with the bleaching gel. Once your are comfortable and ready to begin the blue light is then able to activate the bleaching agent.

How often can I repeat Teeth Whitening?

We recommend the treatment to be repeated once every 3 to 6 months. It is possible to have some teeth sensitivity for a few days, and some people do get gum blanching. Both usually disappear within a few hours or a few days. If you normally have sensitive teeth or bleeding gums, please inform our staff prior to treatment. Also, please be aware that teeth bleaching does not lighten any dental work, it only works on the natural teeth enamel. Please make our staff aware of any existing dental work prior to treatment. The cost of this treatment is 75+.


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